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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Roasted tomato & vegetable soup

I like vegetables, but getting the recommended servings in per day is hard!  I created this soup as a great way to get a good portion of veggies and fiber, plus it's filling.

In a 425 degree oven roast the following on a cookie sheet sprayed with cooking spray:

tomatoes, cut into quarters (I used about 3 med sized tomatoes)
1 onion, cut into chunks
1 lg. zucchini and 1 large summer squash, cut into thick chunks
1 red pepper, cut into large slices
handful of baby carrots

Douse with olive oil and roast!

Roast for approximately 20 - 25 minutes

In a stockpot, add 1 T. olive oil and saute 3 cloves of garlic.  Once soft, add 2 - 28 oz. cans of tomatoes (they can be fire roasted or the kind with basil, oregano & garlic), a can of garbanzo beans, 2 t. basil, 2 t. oregano, salt & pepper (adjust as needed). You can add what you have on hand... like kale or spinach or any other vegetables you might want to throw in.  If you don't like peppers, leave them out.

Add in roasted vegetables.  Puree in with an immersion blender, or puree (in batches) in blender.  Add chicken or vegetable broth to achieve desired consistency.

Add 3 T. Greek yogurt (or more to taste), to add creaminess.  Adjust amount of salt and pepper to taste.

Done!  Make a grilled cheese and start dipping.

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